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      IMPI's who INSPIRE featuring Imogen Stewart

      IMPI's who INSPIRE featuring Imogen Stewart

      “The warrior once felt all the pain of the universe and it forged her into a fighter”. Angela Abrahams


      We first heard the name Imogen Stewart in 2018 when she sensationally blitzed the Gold Coast 4km Junior Dash at the age of 14yrs. Imogen not only won the girls’ division of the Garmin 4km Junior Dash, she was the first finisher overall beating juniors aged up to 14 years. Since then Imogen has left a trail of ‘wins’ in her path.

       Teen running


      While Imogen’s running talent is on display for all, her hidden talents are less obvious. Those that know her, understand that it is her inner resolve, tenacity, determination and work ethic that sets her above the rest.

      In a word, Imogen Stewart is tough. In training and in racing, she has the rare ability to reach into herself and find that toughness…that warrior within.


      In 2019, Imogen suffered a few setbacks with injury. While it was certainly was not an easy time, injury did not deter this humble warrior from chasing down her goals.

       Racing briefs

      In 2020, her hard work paid off. One of the strongest fields in the NSW Short Course Cross Country Championships was the under-16 girls 3km. The tough competition did not stop Imogen winning the event by 20 seconds in 10:17.

      Imogen has an incredible attitude to running and racing. With a commitment to hard work, a fierce determination and gutsy attitude Imogen is a wonderful role model for all IMPIs far and wide!

      Find out more about how Imogen started running and what motivates her to keep going!

       Racing crop and briefs

      How and why did you start running? 

      I started running at the age of about 7. This is because my mum and dad both ran and I was inspired to try it and see if I enjoyed it too.  We would run as a family and it became something that I would look forward to. I then started joining in at my parents sessions and found that running was something that came easily to me.

      Do you have a favourite distance? 

      Yes, my favourite distance is currently the 3km on the track. I love the track in general, and I find 3km’s nice as the pace is slower, making the distance more relaxing and enjoyable.

      What is your favourite training session?

      My favourite training session would be anything with a bit of speed, but not too short, like 600m’s. I also like short efforts with a small recovery.

      What has been your career highlight so far? 

      So far, the run that I’m the most proud of would have to be my 800m at the NSW State Athletics champs in 2018. This might sound a little odd, as I have competed at national level also, but I enjoyed that run as I surprised myself with my time and it was the first race that I had ever done a PB in (racing my age group)

      What is the most challenging event you have competed in?

      Probably competing at the NSW open state 3km championship when I was 10. This was my first race against the open women and the first race that I had competed in the A grade. I was very nervous beforehand, racing girls a lot taller than me but after I finished I was so happy and wanted to do it again.

      What are your goals for the 2020/2021 season?

      I haven’t run a PB in about 2 years, so I’d love nothing more than to run a PB this season!!

      What is your favourite post-race meal?

      Anything sweet! But I especially love sticky date pudding and thick shakes..!

      What is your top recovery tip?

      Now, this is a hard one! I’m someone who is a little bit slack with doing exercises and stretching! But if I am sore or tired, I will give my body a couple days/a week off running and focus on getting fresh and ready to train again.

      What advice would you give to another teenager who is thinking about starting to run?

      Find some friends who will start with you or a running group you can join, that way it is fun and social. Just enjoy yourself- there is no point stressing yourself out! If you don’t run a PB, or feel like you're not improving don’t worry, just keep on going and enjoying it because your hard work will always pay off.

      Do you play any other sport? 

      No, I used to, but now I have found that I don’t have enough time to balance running school and another sport, as it takes me about an hour to get to school. I don’t mind this though, because there are no sports that I find as enjoyable and fun as running.

      Who inspires you on Instagram? Who is an athlete you admire and why?

      There are many people that inspire me, all of which are runners. I love watching Jess Hull run and compete over in America, as it is something that I’d love to do one day. I also love watching Karissa Schweizer and Shelby Houlihan race as they are both such amazing athletes!

       racing briefs

      IMPI's who INSPIRE

      IMPI's who INSPIRE

      Sophie Scott is a 13 year old IMPI with enormous empathy and maturity beyond her years. 

      In 2014, 7 year old Sophie Scott wanted to be able to do something to show that she supported females who were living with depression. She came up with the idea to wear pigtails during Perinatal Depression week in November each year. She rallied her friends and started this campaign with the White Cloud Foundation.Girls in pigtails

      In 2018, 11 year old Sophie wanted to do more for the White Cloud Foundation and with support from her Dad (Adam – Founder/Chairman White Cloud Foundation), they came up with the idea to create the first “Mummy Run” to support Mothers living with or at risk of developing Perinatal Depression.

      The idea behind the “Mummy Run” was to create an event that was challenging, while also recognising that it takes a team to work together to get through challenging situations.

      Girls running

      The “Mummy Run” is an 80km team running relay that was first conducted in 2018 by Sophie and her friends. The original team comprised of: Sophie Scott, Elize Hoyling, Lucie Freeman, Rebecca Teahen, Grace Freeman and Tom Scott. Each team member would run 2km before passing the baton to the next team member. This first event conducted by this team was a great success and the origins of the “Mummy Run” was created.

      Girls running and Dad with baton

      In 2019, the "Mummy Run" was conducted again during Perinatal Depression Week with many teams of kids and mothers who all successfully completed the event. All funds raised went into the White Cloud Foundation “Meals for Mums” program which has provided in excess of 6500 meals to 450 Mums in SE Qld and Hobart.

      In 2020, we are looking forward to conducting the event for the 3rd year at Jack Cook oval on 14th November 2020.

      At IMPI Sportswear we believe running (or any regular exercise) can have a profoundly positive impact on depression. Being a part of a tribe can make us feel as though we are a part of something greater than ourselves. It can give us opportunities to connect with people, to reach for our goals, and makes us feel safe. The "Mummy Run" espouses these beliefs, and we are honoured to be involved with Sophie and The White Cloud Foundation. We encourage all locals to come along and get involved!

      To support Sophie and her quest and call on other IMPIs near and far to support the foundation, IMPI Sportswear have created the “White Cloud IMPI elastic running shorts” and “Electric blue crop top” combo in honour of this event. IMPI Sportswear will donate $10 to the White Cloud Foundation from every unit sold in this combo. To coincide with the event we will open PRE-SALES for these items starting on 1 November until 30 November or until stocks last. (Delivery first week December)

      Anyone interested in participating and fundraising can find more information at:


      A little IMPI inspiration

      A little IMPI inspiration



      With a determination so fierce, our pint-sized Impi Ambassador Mia Guillergan certainly knows how to tap into her warrior within. Mia recently smashed the 5km world record to become the fastest in history at the age of 11(, won the NSW State Short Course Country twice in a row and came 3rd in the 800 and 1500 m all with a humbleness and grace that only true champions display.

      Mia has shown what hard work, determination and motivation can do! She gives 150% to everything she does from training to racing as well as keeping a healthy balance through other interests.

      Most importantly Mia has fun and smiles through it all, almost oblivious to the trail blazing path she is paving. With a strong support structure and proud family behind her all the way, Mia is all set to enjoy her running journey!

      We are delighted to share a bit of Mia's journey with you thus far...

      How and why did you start running?

      I made the school cross country team in year 2 and then joined the athletics club at school. As I enjoyed running very much, I got introduced to Jack from Sydney Athletics Academy in year 3 while continuing on my school athletics club. My late grandfather was also a runner in the 1950’s and I inherited some of his medals and newspaper clippings. He has been my inspiration.

      Do you have a favourite distance?

      At the moment I love Middle (800m) to Long Distance (5km).

      What is your favourite training session?

      It will have to be both track and hills.

      What is the most challenging event you have competed in?

      State Short Course XC Championship this year.

       Mia Guillergan

      What are your goals for the 2020/2021 season?

      For the 2020/2021 season, my goal is to keep fit, stay motivated, get involved with as much races as I can and having lots of fun.

      What is your favourite post-race meal?

      Wagyu steak and salad.

      What is your top recovery tip?

      Ice Bath and lots of rolling/stretching.

      What advice would you give to another teenager who is thinking about starting to run? Nowadays, with a lot more access to gadgets and technology, we forget to look after ourselves and stay fit. It is such a fun community to be involved in while making friends along the way, and did I mention lifetime investment?

      Do you play any other sport?

      Yes – Soccer, tennis, touch football, hockey, swimming

      Who inspires you on Instagram? Morgan Mitchell

      Who is an athlete you admire and why?

      Eliud Kipchoge. His physical, mental strength and humble nature is very inspiring.

      Mia Guillergan family


      Approach the Coach with Squad Chats

      IMPI Given a warm welcome by Jody Erbacher's squad in Toowoomba

      Destination Toowoomba - Jody Erbacher's squad.

      With the Carnival of flowers in full bloom we knew the trip would be special..but boy were we treated to a warm reception far beyond our expectations. Starting with a magnificent welcoming sign on arrival, could the day get any better?

      Our hosts Jody Erbacher (Running Coach), Mackenzie Schefe (squad member and IMPI Ambassador) and meeting liaison mum, Karen. 


      The squad was a buzz and full of excitement for the upcoming camping road trip to Mackay NQ Champs early October. It seems their energy carried them through to some phenomenal results too. To name but a few of Jody's squad's  accomplishments were - Mackenzi smashing 2 PB's and Brielle (AKA Miss Erbacher) clinching 1sts in the 1500m, 1 mile and 3000m Steeplechase in the women's open events.

      Mackay NQ Champs road trip camping trip Jody Erbacher

      So let us find out a little more about the squad.

      Referred to as "The Cool Mum" by some of her squadlings let us start with Jody herself. A Lvl 3 Queensland Athletics accredited coach, her squad consists of athletes ranging from 10-30yrs covering most distances from 400m.

      Jody Erbacher training

      Jody started coaching when her own children joined little A's 15 years ago. To be a good coach Jody believes that the below 3 points are key.

      • Being patient
      • Keeping it fun
      • Being approachable, so your athlete know they can share anything with you.  

      Jody has seen her athletes achieve some incredible results. One of these dazzling highlights she shares with daughter Brielle, would have to be - Taking Brielle to the finals of the Worlds U20's 3000m steeplechase in Finland, pretty IMPIressive we agree.

      Coach Jody's Tips and advise for runners:

      • Top recovery tip - Chocolate milk after training and treating rest as training.
      • Top Advice for new runners - Give it a go you have nothing to loose, the only person you are completing against is yourself.


      Running along onto some of athletes in the squad we asked Brielle and Mackenzi to volunteer up some interesting info we could share too.

      Brielle started running because her little brother was having far too much fun at Little A's so she had to join in. She's since come a long way or should that be run a long way.

      Mackay NQ Champs Brielle Erbacher

      With so many highlights in her career she's got to have had a challenging race at some point right ?...ooohhh yes ! That for Brielle would be the 10km cross country at Limestone, in the middle of the day! Enough said.

      Her running goals are always to improve her PBs and Brielle's Top Tip for runners is:-

      • Always know your PB so you know what they are and you can always focus on improving them.

      Mackenzi won her first cross country in Kindy and started training at the age of 9yrs when she made her first Darling Downs team, the bug had bitten and she's been running ever since.

      Not only does Mackenzi share her school with former student, the great Kathy Freeman but also has drawn on her determination under pressure to achieve what she set out to get - Gold. Don't loose the fun though. Mackenzi says to just have fun and don't give up, even when it gets hard.


      To end off we thought we would share some Q and A's from Brielle and Mackenzi:-

      1. Do you have a favourite distance?
    • B - 3000m Steeple / 1500m
    • M - 800m and Cross Country

          2.  What is your favourite training session?

    • B - 200's at race pace
    • M - Hills

           3.  What is your favourite post race meal or snack?

    • B - Fish and Chips
    • M - Chocolate Milk


      Thank you so very much Jody and her squad for letting us into their training and answering all our questions. - THANK YOU ! You are all amazing.


      To contact Jody for further squad info call or message her on 0488 598 111.

      When ART and SPORT collide...thats when the magic happens

      When ART and SPORT collide...thats when the magic happens

      “When magic is created in art the world should see it and , in this instance, IMPI are lucky enough to help show it. Here’s the story of a special girl’s talent that has been transformed into one of our latest creations.” 

      Chloe has loved art since she was little – even painting her Mum’s walls pink to demonstrate her artistic flair. One of her favourite things to do (apart from run) is spend time in her Nanny’s art studio creating. She is so lucky to have a grandmother as an artist to help her explore creative expression. According to renowned Brisbane artist Suzanne Danaher (aka Nanny) Chloe has a keen interest in creating ART. She loves to explore the effects of colour upon colour and gets lost in the moment. Chloe is always delighted by the results of what transpires before her.

       Chloe running shorts

      Chloe asked her grandmother to teach her how to do these paintings. During COVID a makeshift art studio (aka Bunnings fold out table) was constructed and Chloe set about creating something every day… THE CHLOE was one of those. How lucky for Impi Sportswear to have such talent in our tribe. We are delighted to be able to support young girls develop their interest and open their eyes to the possibilities their talents hold.

      chloe at art studio

      Chloe is forever creating new things, and her Mum tells us the art cupboard is always open and she can be found sitting somewhere quietly painting or making something artistic.


      When asked what she loves about art Chloe’s response is simply “ITS FUN”. Those close to her know it brings her a sense of peace and freedom, feeding her creative little soul. Art is the perfect balance to everything else Chloe does, she is always working so hard at everything.


      BUT don’t be fooled by Chloe’s love of art and creating! She is also one tough and determined little Impi running warrior. We love some of the parallels between running  and art such as ‘getting lost in the moment’ (yes one may be due to creative imagination and the other to pain 😊 but still…), ‘a sense of freedom’ and most importantly ‘FUN’.

       Chloe running in running shorts

      Chloe’s diverse interests yet hard work and passion for  “Art” and “Active” is evident in her enjoyment and success in both.


      Creative, active, bright, beautiful, happy, funny, hard working and above all kind …we are so proud to have such a talented Impi like Chloe in our tribe!