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    Impi Sportswear is a sportswear brand including a range of running apparel for teenage and tweenage girls starting age 6-8yrs up to age 14-16/17yrs+ 

    Impi Sportswear doesn’t cost the earth, doesn’t compromise on quality and doesn’t forfeit comfort. With a wide range of running crops and shorts to mix and match or matchy match, there is something for every run!

    Our custom tweenage sizes and styles have been developed and tested in conjunction with a group of local Aussie teens who love to run.

    Our designs are pretty gorgeous too. (Well, we hope you think so!?)

    Impi (“Impeee” ) a zulu word meaning small tribe of warriors

    Inspired by a local running squad and tapping into South African roots, Impi was the obvious choice for a brand name exuding fitness, fierceness, toughness, grit, determination all within the bounds of good friendships, made stronger by common interests and like-minded values. Impi Sportswear is for girls who value being part of a running tribe and feel stronger as part of a tribe.

    Impi Sportswear was founded by fanatical running mum and marketer Kim Knox and precision production manager and mum Candice Jones. They are based in Brisbane, keep things personal and are passionate about encouraging girls to run. (which sometimes entails a schmick new Impi outfit!)

    "We are so grateful to be on this journey - thank you to those Impi supporters who've already joined our tribe. To those that haven't, you are welcome anytime".


    Running Impis



    Ava Impi Sportswear

    Eva and Ella